Sybil Meyer is a licensed psychotherapist and expressive arts therapist. She has studied, performed and taught various disciplines of dance and movement for most of her life. She has brought the healing and expressive aspects of these moving arts to students in colleges and private studio classes, as well as to clients in clinical settings.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy is a form of psychotherapy which may incorporate a variety of art processes, or may focus primarily on the use of one art form, such as: writing, movement, visual arts, drama, music or poetry.  The therapy focuses on the meaning and insight found through engaging in the process of creative self expression.

Motion Theater®

An original form of autobiographical improvisation, Motion Theater® is simultaneously a performance art and a transformative practice.  Motion is a form of playful, mindful self-expression where you’re likely to experience a freer more spontaneous you.  Learn to tell your stories on your feet, utilizing language, sound and movement as your tools of expression.


Sybil teaches beginning Motion Theater® classes in the East Bay.  Classes are taught in eight-week sessions, not drop-in, so the practices can build progressively from class to class.  Contact Sybil for information or to register for the class.