Psychotherapy requires a safe, collaborative relationship between therapist and client. The trust and containment of this relationship forms a metaphorical vessel for the deep inner transformations that can occur. An effective therapeutic relationship facilitates the development of authenticity, self acceptance, and clarity of purpose.

As a therapist, Sybil engages with clients as a supportive, non-judgmental listener and witness; yet one who is active in asking questions to go deeper, to explore, or to clarify.  Reflecting on what she sees, she offers feedback on the interactive process and individually tailored exercises to help clients liberate their potential and discover new ways to cope with the causes of distress in their lives.

Expressive Arts Therapy provides a unique way to reveal the structures and textures of our internal and external worlds. The arts— writing, movement, art, theater, music, poetry, and more— help us engage with our personal imagery, myth, language, culture, and story. Expressive Arts Therapy facilitates the emergence of creativity, insight, and self acceptance through incorporating art activities in the therapeutic process. It can be an exciting adventure to experience new aspects of self knowledge, revealed through contacting the creative essence of the inner self.

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