Move, Play, Connect!  In a Motion Theater® class, you'll learn to tell your stories on your feet, utilizing language, sound, and movement as your tools of expression.  Contact Sybil, use the button. Classes listed below.

Motion Improv

Current classes and performances are listed on the Motion Theater website:

New low fee classes start September 2019!!


Everyone has a story to tell. This class provides tools for transforming your ordinary as well as extraordinary life events into memorable storytelling. Learn to embody your true life stories and real daily experiences in this unique approach to improvisation. Expressing yourself authentically in this way is tremendously rewarding, and these acts of sharing build community. You will enjoy creative expression in partnership with others, in a safe and supportive environment. By giving voice and movement to personal narratives, you gain new insights, perceive your inherent value, and reclaim the enchantment of the mundane.

Sign up for classes here:  West Contra Costa Adult Education (when the fall schedule is published):

Six week class series on Monday nights start 9/16/19 and 10/28 for $65 each series; and an eight week class starts in January 2020 for $87. All classes meet 7:15 pm to 9:00 pm.  *No class on  11/11, 11/25, 2/17

Location: Alvarado Elementary School , 5625 Sutter Ave. Richmond, CA 94804 . Course code: 12606.00